AV Rabbits Policy

The goal at AV Rabbits is to adopt our rabbits to excellent homes. This policy states that you will not harm or mistreat any rabbit that you chose to adopt in any way nor will you release it in the wild or give it as food to carnivorous animals such as snakes, dogs, birds of prey, or any other animal that the rabbit may be used as food for. Such use employs a gruesome and harsh death for the rabbit and will not be tolerated by AV Rabbits. If you can no longer take care of the rabbit, then you will contact me to make arrangements to return the rabbit if you wish to no longer take care of it. No rabbit will be given away for free to any individual, school, or other institution under any circumstance. An adoption fee will be required for adopting a rabbit(s). The adoption fee must be in cash to adopt. Male and female rabbits will not be adopted together unless they are bonded pairs. No Rabbits will be sold/adopted to any breeder.

The information that I collect is for communication purposes solely and shall not be misused on my part.