AV Rabbits

Greetings from AV Rabbits

Hello, and welcome to my Rabbit Adoption site. I keep and adopt rabbits for those in the Antelope Valley region. I have been managing rabbits for a long time, and have gotten lots of experience with rabbits and learned a lot about these inquisitive creatures.

I have learned that rabbits can be vulnerable creatures in the wrong setting. As my rabbit population grew, it became much more challenging to take care of them and I had to figure out ways to manage and keep them safe. Large custom rabbit enclosures called rabbit hutches were built to house my rabbits and keep them safe from predators. Knowing the challenges and compromises with going for hutches to house rabbits, I mitigated methods to overcome some of those challenges such as avoiding small and tight spaces by making my hutches "mega-size" and using special flooring to avoid discomfort.

Thus, I grew in my experience as a rabbit caretaker to better care for these animals and promote well-being and flourishing for my rabbits, and to find them good homes for those wanting to adopt from me.

Here is a link to our Yelp page: AV RABBITS - Pet Adoption - Palmdale, CA - Yelp


If you have further questions you can contact me via email at contact@avrabbits.com or text me at (661) 418-9563, which ever is easiest for you.